The Benefits of Disability Inclusion in Customer Service

Disability inclusion in customer service and customer experience could arguably be an easier question to answer than disability inclusion in the workplace.  Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Disabled customers have a spending power of over £250 billion in the UK each year
  • Inclusive services for disabled people mean inclusive services for everyone
  • Disabled people that have a good experience when interacting with your business will return repeatedly with friends and family

A successful customer experience

One of the reasons why supporting disability inclusion in customer service and customer experience is so beneficial is that it supports employees and front of house staff to feel confident when engaging with disabled people. Not knowing what to say or knowing the correct etiquette is often the main barrier to interacting and engaging with disabled customers.

Having the confidence to engage and interact with disabled customers is often the quickest way to understand the correct language and etiquette! This is because, disabled people themselves will tell a customer service representative how they would like to be referred to and what etiquette is preferable.

After a front of house employee develops the confidence to ask the question, the disabled customer and employee can engage in a conversation to ensure the person is supported the way they would like to be. This in turn, leads that individual to feel included and valued.

Tips for successful experiences with disabled customers

Proactive planning:  by understanding some of the main barriers your disabled customers may face when visiting your venue or participating in your event, you can implement strategies to mitigate

Asking your disabled customers: whilst proactive planning is really helpful, this has to work alongside the ability to engage and elicit feedback from your disabled customers and guests. This can be done before, during and after an interaction

Staff training: so much of the fear around supporting disabled customers for your staff stems from the unknown. This unknown can easily be mitigated with regular and focused training.

Developing an inclusive customer service that values and welcomes disabled customers

Understanding strategies and policies that will proactively demonstrate to your disabled customers that they are valued and welcome will ensure returning customers for years to come. It will also support current and future employees to understand that you are an inclusive organisation.  You can see more about the benefits of creating an inclusive culture for employees by clicking here.
Be curious about access requirements
Create and develop accessibility
Encourage and be excited about the feedback
Demonstrate to a customer that they are welcome
Eager to find out how this can work for your business? Come and join the Disability Inclusion Community and we can show you how to implement it!