Guest Experts

These disability inclusion and awareness experts have generously giving up their time and their expertise to offer members of the Disability Inclusion Community insights from a variety of experiences and professionalisms.

Charlotte Sellars

I work as an accountant after studying accounting and finance at the University of Southampton, then studying for an ACA qualification. I am neurodiverse and was diagnosed with multiple conditions after I’d left high school. I’ve spent most of my life finding it difficult to success in a world that isn’t designed for people who think differently.  Until I realised that being different is a gift, and the key to overcoming difficulties is to do what is best for you, even if it isn’t what everyone else does.

I looked into neurodiversity more generally and some of the statistics shocked me , such as the high percentage of the UK prison population that has dyslexia, the high amount of autistic adults that are unemployed and the high rate of suicide and mental health issues amongst those with neurodiverse conditions.

Neurodiversity has helped society develop in more ways than most can imagine, without neurodiversity we wouldn’t have iPhones, Microsoft, emojis, Pokemon, Facebook and countless other things. With so much evidence that neurodiverse people have a lot to offer , there is no reason why we should suffer. I want to help transform the way people neurodiverse conditions so they start to see it as an advantage.

Iain Speed

Hi! I am Iain and I am Managing Director and Founder of All Inclusive CIC, a Community Interest Company that tackles disability inequality and inclusion. For me, issues around disability inequality and inclusion impact disabled people from being truly integrated within their local communities. The organisation has been in operation 14 years. The core ethos of All Inclusive CIC is to provide tools that will increase an organisation’s delivery of disabled customer service by removing physical barriers and assumptions. We do this through a series of training packages, consultancy and access auditing that enables organisations and delegates to learn by encouraging them to look at issues currently preventing good customer service for disabled customers. Organisations and delegates are taken on a journey of self-discovery through interesting and lively evidence-based debate. The services that we offer are:

  • Disability Equality and Awareness workshops
  • Cerebral Palsy Awareness workshops
  • Disability Equality and Cerebral Palsy Awareness lectures
  • Public speaking at events, conferences and seminars
  • Access Auditing for buildings, services, written material and websites
  • Becoming a Disabled Person’s PA Course
  • Mentoring disabled people
  • Improving Service User involvement within organisations, including consultancy around the decision-making process
  • Designing and implementing Service User feedback surveys