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      Every week, we will start a new discussion aimed at helping members to think about the specific topic in disability inclusion and to get support and advice from each other and us

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    1. Feedback from members

      Are you up to anything that would be helpful to get some feedback on? Post your questions/topics for feedback here 

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    2. Business as usual

      Topics on supporting disabled employees, developing inclusive events, building employee confidence, etc...

    3. Language and terminology

      Any questions, concerns you have about language and terminology surrounding disability? Post  a topic here 

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    1. Diversity & Inclusion

      We may be focusing on disability as a main subject but disabled people do not appear and disappear in silos.  We all have wants, desires, likes and dislikes. We may also identify as more than disabled. For eg; a Muslim man or a transgender woman.

      In this forum category, this is your place to talk about areas of diversity and inclusion that are a huge part of a disabled person's identity 

    2. Off Topic

      In many ways, the watercooler is inaccessible so we won't be referring to it as that here! However, this section is the section where you can talk about anything you like. Shoot the breeze! EastEnders… Robbie Williams… Fish and chips 

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    • Plain and simple, the question is nothing more, nothing less 
    • As many of you know, as a disabled person, I am very comfortable with my disability. However for many, this is not the case. There are many reasons for this and many of them stem from an external perception of disability and opinion of what disabled people can achieve. I also feel that if I had a choice, I would not disclose a disability to an employer. This is not because I think I have something to hide but there are many ways that employees can discriminate against disabled people. So, what about you? If you had a choice, would you disclose a disability to your employer? 
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