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A membership platform where organisations gain the knowledge and resources required to develop cultures that are inclusive of disabled people in the workplace.  By signing your organisation up for a membership, you receive access to exclusive on demand resources, live events and a community forum where members can engage, share and learn from each other.

Join and interact with like-minded professionals to develop skills, knowledge and confidence to attract, engage and support disabled employees and customers

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There are many ways an organisation can support disabled people to feel confident, able and welcome to engage, participate and feel part of the workplace and the business culture.  Some of these ways include:

  • Understanding how the recruitment process can be more accessible for disabled people
  • Having steps to follow to ensure every event held is mindful of different peoples access requirements
  • Supporting line managers to know the resources available to them in order for them to fully support a disabled employee within the workspace
  • Understanding the obvious (and not so obvious) physical barriers that prevent disabled people feeling welcome
  • Feeling confident in knowing about inclusive language so that front of house employees can engage and interact with disabled customers

We want to help you achieve all of the above and more.  The best way to support disabled people is by working alongside people with lived experiences to develop cultures that are representative of what people need, want and aspire to.

The Disability Inclusion Community can support you to understand all of the above and much more.  That way, you can actively engage and welcome disabled employees and customers into your organisation.

  • Develop an inclusion strategy that has clear goals and objectives
  • Recruit disabled people who will be active and engaged members of your workplace
  • Ensure your business is accessible and inclusive for your disabled customers, employees and guests
  • Attract more disabled customers who will become loyal followers, promoting your business to everyone
  • Receive general guidance, support and confidence that will help make your goals a reality
  • Develop confidence around language in order to engage with your disabled community

Welcome to the Disability Inclusion Community!

A place for people within organisations who are passionate about disability developing inclusive cultures where disabled people can feel valued, supported and begin to develop a true sense of belonging.

When thinking about how to be inclusive of disabled people in the workplace, many businesses struggle to know where to start.  This is because it can be difficult to articulate the reasons for being inclusive of disabled people.  Without understanding the reasons, it's hard to come up with the solution.

Members of the Disability Inclusion Community benefit from resources to support them to articulate these reasons and to engage with colleagues and stakeholders that can help them answer the question.   Once your organisations understands its reasons, we can begin to support you to move towards the solution.

  • Collaborate with peers

    Engage and interact with like-minded professionals with similar experiences

  • Open for everyone

    Membership entitles your entire organisation to access a wealth of resources

  • Library of content

    Utilise an on-demand library of content to support you when developing your disability inclusive workplace

Run by Disabled People

Disability Inclusion Community is a subsidiary of Celebrating Disability;  a disability inclusion business existing to support businesses to be inclusive of disabled people through training, event speaking, consultancy and auditing.  Clients told us that they would benefit from a place where they can learn, engage and interact with other businesses and organisations in similar positions.

Celebrating Disability is run by Esi Hardy, a physically disabled woman.  Esi uses her lived experiences of disability along with over a decade worth of business experience to support clients to make realistic choices about how they can be inclusive of disabled people based on tangible goals.

The disability membership platform offers step-by-step support to being inclusive of Disabled People by providing access to:

On Demand Resources
Interactive Forums
Live Events
Industry Experts

Popular disability awareness and disability inclusion topics featured:

  • Understanding the barriers to inclusion and ways to mitigate
  • Implementing tangible & intangible accessibility
  • Developing confidence around language & terminology
  • Articulating inclusion to disabled people and to your workforce
  • Attracting & recruiting disabled candidates
  • Engaging disabled customers, employees & students
  • Providing support when on boarding new disabled people
  • Supporting disabled people as "business as usual"
  • Ensuring accessibility & inclusion at events

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John Hall - Celebrating Disability and Disability Inclusion Community - disability membership platform client
John Hall CIHT
Esi is excellent to work with, and her passion, expertise and professional approach is refreshing. The quality of content and style of delivery was exactly what we were looking for and has aided our continued development in an exciting period of transformation.
The Disability Inclusion Community is created, hosted and is a subsidiary of Celebrating Disability.  To find out more and to be redirected to Celebrating Disability, click here